Jewels by Love - a fifth generation jeweler with a legacy of excellence!

The world's greatest watchmakers have chosen only one official agent in the Caribbean to show their creations. Jewels by Love is the one, certainly because Love Mahtani and his son Rish Mahtani are connoisseurs of and passionate about "Haute Horlogerie". The fifth and the sixth generations in a family of jewelers, they know all about the nearly 1500 years of watch history entrusted to them. In the world, very few jewelers are entrusted with these prestigious brands. A testament to their success came in the mid 80's with the granting of Official Agent Status by the World's Finest Watchmakers. The most prestigious and exclusive watch brands now represented by Jewels by Love include such venerable names as:

Patek Philippe | Breguet | IWC | Vacheron Constantin
A. Lange & Sohne | Jaeger-LeCoultre | Ulysse Nardin | NOMOS| Snyper

All our watches are heirlooms to be worn and admired and to be treasured for generations. Two timepieces can be equally lovely with extremely different personalities which speak to opposing parts of that section of our brain that we reserve for watch appreciation. One can be ethereal, opulent, a technical marvel, an object of obvious fascination; the other could exhibit all the hallmarks of a vintage timepiece...elegant, beautifully-finished, timeless, simple, pure, unadorned beauty. Both at home on the wrist of gentlemen and gentlewomen of good taste in our era, our forefathers, and well into the future, they would exist outside of time.

Located in Marigot and Philipsburg, Jewels by Love also offers an exquisite, in-house designed line of hand-crafted diamond jewelry and an extensive collection of ideal cut GIA Certified diamonds.

When you first handle a Jewels by Love creation, you become aware that this jewel has the presence of an object of rare perfection. We know the feeling well. We feel it every time a diamond or piece of jewelry leaves the hands of our master craftsmen. You can call it pride. For us it lasts a moment; for you, a lifetime!

We made the jewel for you - to be part of your life - simply because this is the way we've always made our jewelry.

And if we may draw a conclusion from six generations of experience, it will be this: choose once but choose well. A Jewels by Love creation - because it's for a lifetime.

Rarity, beauty and everlasting value are honored here.

Upon the purchase of a fine timepiece from Jewels by Love, you inherit history. Being the trustee of such revered names that have a combined history of superlative watch making of nearly 1,500 years is no mean responsibility and it provokes two questions:

Q: Why have the world's greatest watch-makers chosen Jewels by Love as their Official Agent?

A: Because no one in the entire Caribbean knows and loves ‘Haute Horlogerie’ more than Love Mahtani does!

  Q: Why have they entrusted Jewels by Love with a combined watchmaking history of nearly 1500 years?

A: Because the owners of the eponymous Jewels by Love stores are the fifth generation in an illustrious line of watch and diamond professionals whose knowledge, integrity and reputation are unmatched by any other jeweler in the Caribbean!

Jewels by Love with stores in Saint Martin and in Sint Maarten

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